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Our Experience

Swords Associates, Inc. is a bank consulting firm organized in 1973,  specializing in resolving regulatory problems in financial institutions, acquisition planning, feasibility studies, bank sales, appraisals of bank and bank holding company stocks for individuals, government agencies, banks and bank holding companies and the organization of new banks or thrift institutions.

Our Approach

Whether valuing stock for an ESOP, estate or pricing for an acquisition we base our opinion in experience and market data.

Open clear communication is essential throughout any project. We strive to set clear objectives and expectations. 

Why Us?

Over the past 45 years, the consultants at Swords Associates have completed more than 500 appraisal assignments and have served clients in more than 20 states.  The core of our business is advising bank holding companies in the formation and pricing of acquisitions, as well as the ongoing development of the organization.

We only value the stock holding companies and banks for estate settlement, gifting, Employee Stock Ownership Plans and dissenting shareholder transactions.

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